Marina Bay Sands Offers Premier Advantage Membership

Have you heard of this resort-wide loyalty program offered for all guests of Marina Bay Sands? If you have not participate, now is the right time for you to consider signing up for one because you can use it to earn loyalty points while enjoying yourself in Marina Bay Sands.

Here are some basic information on what this membership program is about.

Card Levels

There are 4 different levels of Premier Advantage members. They are Premier, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum and Premier Diamond. To qualify for each level or status,

  • Premier – no minimum points required (you can sign up for free),
  • Premier Gold – you need to earn at least 388 points within a 12-month period,
  • Premier Platinum – you need to earn at least 888 points within a 12-month period,
  • Premier Diamond – you need to earn at least 1,888 points within a 12-month period.

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Types Of Points You Can Earn

What types of points can you earn if you are a Premier Advantage member?

  • Destination Points – Earn points while patronizing any participating retail outlet in the shoppes, dining restaurants or even staying in the hotel.
  • Gaming Points – Earn points while gaming in the Entertainment Facility.

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Privileges Entitlement

With loyalty points earned, you get to enjoy exclusive privileges like eligibility for member promotions, special offers, special invitations to events, or discounted access to attractions or facilities. Your entitlement will depend on your member level as different member levels enjoy different privileges.

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How To Sign Up Premier Advantage

To sign up for Premier Advantage membership, how are a few easy ways for you.

  • Sign up online, or
  • Sign up at the counters (can be found inside the Entertainment Facility at Level B2M or Level 1 or Entertainment Facility entrance from Level B2 inside the shoppes), or
  • Sign up using the kiosks.

More information can be obtained here.

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21 Responses

  1. as gold card memebers, i felt disappoited that i did not received free moon cake vouchers and free hotel rooms, my 3 sisters had receivde all, please explain, thanks.

    Unhappy gold card members
    chong park cheong

  2. gold card member ‘difference treatment, did not get free moon cake,which my buddy get.000120146

  3. To Whom It May Concern

    I’m wondering how to participate winning an Ipad 2 with eligible email address.. Your prompt response is very appreciated.

    Premier Advantage Gold Card Membership No : 000374204

  4. Disappointed with MBS membership, being a gold card member since opening, no free room was given. My cousins and friends who just joined as members receive free rooms even though they are ordinary red card new members.
    Also when promotion was offered for low room rates in July, no room was available when I called up upon receiving the news via email. No free mooncakes was given too. Member No. 000191730

  5. Hi i m a singaporean jus to check membership is
    it free of charge or need to pay annual fee?

  6. Sir,

    I was told this afternoon that I am entitled to 2 night complimentary stay at the hotel. However, I have to choose a day given in 2 slots , which is, 1 Sep- 15 Sep and 16 – 30Sep 11.

    I have not received any notification via SMS, Email or MBS flyers and only came to know when I approached your Customer Service to recommend my friend to join the Premier Advantage Card membership.

    I could not book for the 1st slot period because all the rooms are taken up. Hence, I am only given a night stay for the 2nd slot period on 27 Sep 11.

    My enquiry is why was’nt any notification been sent to me earlier, otherwise I would have got a night stay between 1-15 Sep.

    Since MBS granted me for a 2 nights stay, it would only be fair that I should be entitled for a 2nd night stay in October 2011 during the off=peak period. I appreciate your consideration and reply.

    Thank you.

    CARD NO: 109954

  7. Sir,

    I have written in via your comments section and have yet to receive a reply.

    It concerns the allocation of complimentary room at your hotel.

    My card ref: 109954 (gold)

  8. Haha I am a platinum member and yet I dont make such demands

  9. I am a goldcard member. On the 11.11.11., I booked a roomstay at MBS using premieradvantage point. The front desk personal who served me, told me that since I have insufficient point, I have to top up the difference in cash. I agreed and the deal done.
    I just received my credit card bill and was billed the total sum.
    I called the front desk a couple of times and was advised that they will check and get back to me.
    It’s already almost two week,do I really have to pay the credit card bill first?

    My reference: 218493(gold)

  10. Can give me a free room

  11. I wish to congratulate MBS for building up a team of excellent staff who provide excellent and courteous services with the exception of some black sheeps who sometimes spoil my mood.

    I hope that your HR department will train some of your dealers/groupiers, pit supervisors and pit managers to be more customer friendly, cheerful and courteous.

    Generally, the majority of the staff are courteous and friendly, and I hope the not so friendly, rude and discouteous staff will improve themselves.

    With regard to your restaurant outlets in the casino, may I suggest that you include in your menu such as toasted bread with kaya/butter, half boiled eggs, mee siam, mee rebus, nasi lemak, french toasts and some local kuehs.

    I believe most of the casino visitors would like to have a simple and quick meal to satisfy their hunger so that they can be back at the ‘tables’ as soon as possible.

    Of course, if they prefer they can go Tong Dim for their meals.

    Hopefully, my two cents worth of suggestion will be adopted by the management.


  12. I would like to update my e-mail address but do not know how to go about it. I was also unable to sign up. Kindly assist.

  13. Why your team has neglected me. In m back

  14. What is the website address to check points and promotions.

  15. Lousy service . Birthday no free room . For gold card member. Rws that I seldom visit give me a free room to it.

  16. pls check my points my card no-: 000950749

  17. Can you help to check whether my membership status? Membership No. 000013590,
    If i want to book a hotel room, do i have any discount?

  18. Id 354329 Can I have any free hotel stay. thanks

  19. How to go gold card?Now I am at DIAMOND.Can I go to counter to change to gold card?

  20. Now I am at DIAMOND what is the next level and how many points must I earn for the next level?

  21. Aiyoh u idiots leave your requestings here ah,,.

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