How To Apply For Casino Exclusion In Singapore

Last Updated: 30th January 2012

1. What Are The Different Types Of Casino Exclusion?

There are 3 types of casino exclusion,

  • Self-exclusion – Allows you to exclude yourself from entering the casinos in Singapore,
  • Family-exclusion – Allows immediate family members (e.g. spouses, children, parents or siblings, including adopted or step relations) to exclude someone from entering the casinos.
  • Third-party exclusion – An automatic exclusion applicable for those with undischarged bankrupts, or receiving financial aids from the government.
Any Singaporean or Permanent Resident aged 21 and above is qualified to apply for casino exclusion.

2. How and Where To Apply For Self-Exclusion?

For Singaporeans or Permanent Residents:

With effect from 26th Nov 2009, you may apply for self-exclusion using your SingPass here.

For Foreigners:

You may apply for self-exclusion in person at the following locations,

A) NCPG (National Council on Problem Gambling) office, SLF Building

Address: 510, Thomson Rd, #12-05/06, Singapore 298137

Contact: 1800-6668-668

B) MWC (Migrant Workers Centre)

Address: 62, Rangoon Road, Singapore 218352 (near the exit of Farrer Park MRT Station)

Contact: 65-6536-2692 (Tel) 65-6292-5305 (Fax)

If you are not able to be there in person, you may download the foreigner self-exclusion form here and fill in all your particulars, attach a copy of your passport with passport number visible, your foreigner ID card (if available) with FIN (Foreigner Identification Number) visible, to your application form, and send the completed forms either by registered post, or by hand to NCPG office.

3. How and Where To Apply For Family Exclusion?

For family exclusions, family members or applicants may apply by calling Tanjong Pagar FSC (Family Service Centre) at 65-6593-6489. Or, you may make in person at the centre which is located at 298, Tiong Bahru Road, #03-06, Central Plaza, Singapore 168730 (above Tiong Bahru MRT Station).

For Third-Party Exclusion, there is no need for you to apply since the exclusion is automatic if the criteria are met as explained above.

How Can I Help My Foreign Workers To Apply For Voluntary Self-Exclusion If I Am An Employer?

Employers can now login to the Ministry of Manpower’s WPOL (Work Permit On Line) System using their SingPass to help their foreign workers to apply for voluntary self-exclusion. Check out here for more details or you may call 65-6258-6311 between Monday to Friday 9:00AM – 5.30PM to make further enquiries.

How Can I Help My Foreign Domestic Workers To Apply For Voluntary Self-Exclusion If I Am An Employer?

Employers can now apply for FDW voluntary self-exclusion online using SingPass, or print out and complete the hard copy forms if they do not have SingPass. More details can be found here.

How Can I Check My Exclusion Status?

It is now possible to check your exclusion status using your SingPass here. However, you need to note that the status reflected only shows NCPG knowledge of your status at the time of checking. For status changes to be made known to all the casinos in Singapore as well as other relevant authorities, you have to wait up to 48 hours.

How Can I Lift My Casino Exclusion In Singapore?

To lift or terminate your casino exclusion, you may have to contact NCPG at 1800-6668-668 to make an appointment with the officer-in-charge for assistance.

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Marina Bay Sands Offers Premier Advantage Membership

Have you heard of this resort-wide loyalty program offered for all guests of Marina Bay Sands? If you have not participate, now is the right time for you to consider signing up for one because you can use it to earn loyalty points while enjoying yourself in Marina Bay Sands.

Here are some basic information on what this membership program is about.

Card Levels

There are 4 different levels of Premier Advantage members. They are Premier, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum and Premier Diamond. To qualify for each level or status,

  • Premier – no minimum points required (you can sign up for free),
  • Premier Gold – you need to earn at least 388 points within a 12-month period,
  • Premier Platinum – you need to earn at least 888 points within a 12-month period,
  • Premier Diamond – you need to earn at least 1,888 points within a 12-month period.

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Types Of Points You Can Earn

What types of points can you earn if you are a Premier Advantage member?

  • Destination Points – Earn points while patronizing any participating retail outlet in the shoppes, dining restaurants or even staying in the hotel.
  • Gaming Points – Earn points while gaming in the Entertainment Facility.

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Privileges Entitlement

With loyalty points earned, you get to enjoy exclusive privileges like eligibility for member promotions, special offers, special invitations to events, or discounted access to attractions or facilities. Your entitlement will depend on your member level as different member levels enjoy different privileges.

Click here to view the complete and updated list of privileges entitlement.

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How To Sign Up Premier Advantage

To sign up for Premier Advantage membership, how are a few easy ways for you.

  • Sign up online, or
  • Sign up at the counters (can be found inside the Entertainment Facility at Level B2M or Level 1 or Entertainment Facility entrance from Level B2 inside the shoppes), or
  • Sign up using the kiosks.

More information can be obtained here.

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[News] Marina Bay Sands Including The Casino Opens Officially On April 27th

Singapore welcomes the second casino on April 27th with the official opening of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) at a locally auspicious time of 3:18PM. The number 8 sounds like prosperity when translated in Chinese.

What Have Opened On April 27th ?

  • the casino,
  • 963 hotel rooms (out of 2,560),
  • some of the restaurants,
  • a portion of the shopping area,
  • events plaza,
  • exhibition center

What’s Next?

Due to repeated delays, MBS finally opened its door yesterday which was originally set to open at the end of 2009. The delays are results of several factors including labor and material shortages and financial problems due to global economic downturn. It has been designed to cater for the corporate and convention crowd.

Tourists might be keen to find out more about the tourist attractions around Marina Bay Sands.

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Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park Tickets Went On Sale Today

The Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park tickets went on sale at 9:00AM Singapore time this morning.

Due to overwhelming demand to book tickets online, the website crashed and went offline this morning, and the hot-lines were equally busy to get through.

Resorts World Sentosa is aware of the difficulty and would advise the public to send in their purchase request to their email address ( if they are still facing problem getting the tickets.

Inside the email, you are required to leave your name, contact number, types of tickets and quantity, and preferred date. You are NOT required to indicate you credit card details yet.

There is no guarantee that they will fulfill on your preferred date but they will contact you to process you order within 48 hours.

Update on 10th Mar [Resorts World Sentosa]:

We apologise but our website is experiencing downtime intermittently due to high traffic. Customers can still send in emails to March 18 tickets are sold out, including reservations received by 6pm. First weekend tickets are selling fast. We encouraged customers to pick other dates to avoid disappointment. Please visit our ticketing counters from 9am to 6pm to get tickets instantly.

Update on 11th Mar [Resorts World Sentosa]:

Hi Everyone, Universal Studios tickets for 18 March and 19 March are sold out, and tickets for the first weekend are selling fast. To avoid disappointment, you may want to prepare alternative dates for your visit. You can now start booking your tickets online. Good Luck!

Discussion thread:

Universal Studios Singapore Soft Opening At Resorts World Sentosa On 18th March 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Good News! Universal Studios Singapore will be soft opening to public guests at Resorts World Sentosa on 18th March at 8:28AM. Limited tickets will be offered during  this soft opening phase.

Purchase Of Passes

Ticket sales will begin 10th March at 9:00AM. For tickets and pricing, you may refer to below chart.

Universal Studios Singapore Tickets And Pricings

Do note that purchase of park passes on the same day is not allowed. You will need to do it a day in advance. Methods of purchase can be made via,

  • online at RWS website,
  • phone bookings at +65 6577-8899,
  • Universal Studios Singapore box office from 9:00AM to 6:00PM daily

Note: Sale of passes will only be available from 10th March 2010 at 9:00AM.

Dining And Shopping Vouchers

As  it is possible that some attractions may become temporarily unavailable due to technical and creative adjustment by Universal Studios Singapore, RWS are offering dining and shopping vouchers worth $15.00 for every park pass bought. You need to collect these vouchers when you first enter the park.

Hotel Guests

If you are making room reservations to stay in RWS hotels, you are encouraged to purchase the park passes as well. If you have already booked your rooms, you may still purchase your tickets from the website, write-in to or call +65 6577-8899 from 10th March 2010 to make arrangements.

If you plan to make your way to RWS to purchase your tickets, you are encouraged to use the public transport (refer to our previous post “How To Get To Resorts World Sentosa” on how to get there).

For general visitor information or Universal Studios Singapore attraction information, always visit the official RWS website.

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Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort Plans To Open In Phases From 27th April 2010

News has been released by Las Vegas Sands that it plans to open Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (IR) from 27th April 2010.

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort Plans To Open In Phases From 27th April 2010
Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort Plans To Open In Phases From 27th April 2010

Here are the details of the opening in phases.

First Phase – Marina Bay Sands IR opening its doors on 27th April. Days after, hosting of its very first event, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association’s annual conference.

Second Phase – Opening of SkyPark and Event Plaza as part of its grand opening on 23rd June.

Third Phase – Welcoming the famous Disney’s The Lion King to one of its state-of-the-art theaters in October. Another theater will open later this year to host a variety of special events and famous headline acts.

Fourth Phase – Iconic Marina Bay Sands museum expected to open by December this year, featuring international blockbuster exhibitions. It also serve as a symbolic welcome to guests with its unique lotus-inspired design from around the globe.

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[News] Universal Studios Singapore Sneak Preview Tours Start From 14th Feb

Photo Taken From
Photo Taken From

Together with the opening of the first casino in Singapore (Resorts World Casino), Universal Studios Singapore will be opened partially to the public from 14th Feb to 21st Feb from 5pm to 9pm every night. Visitors will be amongst the first to take a sneak peek at the theme park as well as the F&B and retail outlets.

Sale of $10 admission tickets (rebated by a same-value dining voucher) will be available starting from 11:18am Friday, 12 Feb 2010, at the box office at the Universal Studios front gate and each guest can only purchase up to 6 tickets. There will not be same-day ticket sales and guests can only purchase tickets for another day.

Since this is only a partial opening, do note that there are limited tickets available each day.

Update 13th Feb 2010: All tickets for 8-days Universal Studios Singapore sneak preview tours have been completely sold out by 3:45pm!

[News] It’s Official. Resorts World Casino Opens Its Door On 14th Feb

[News] It’s Official. Resorts World Casino Opens Its Door On 14th Feb

It’s official. Resorts World Casino has announced on its website that it would open its door and have its first play on 14th Feb (Sunday) at an auspicious time 12.18 pm. A private ceremony will take place prior to this.

A series of festivities has been planned inside the casino as well as various public venues around the integrated resort to bring you an entire day of fun, food and entertainment. Check out a list of Resorts World opening activities that await you!

Casino Levy

All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents must obtain a valid Casino Entry Levy to enter the casino:

  • $100 for each Day Levy
  • $2000 for each Annual Membership Levy

Casino Levy can be made via the following methods (available on 12th Feb 2010 at 11:18am):

  • casino levy counters at Resorts World Sentosa
  • online payment

For more details, visit the official RWS Casino Levy page.

[News] Resorts World Sentosa Casino May Open By This Coming Chinese New Year

Photo Taken From The Straits Times Article On 8th Feb 2010
Photo Taken From The Straits Times Article On 8th Feb 2010

Though no official news has been released, the RWS casino may open by this coming Chinese New Year to take advantage of the auspicious time which also coincide with the Lunar New Year holiday to attract thousands of overseas and mainland Chinese visitors to the Sentosa island.

One tenant of RWS has been informed by the management that the Universal Studios theme park is targeted to open on either 12th or 13th Feb. As for the casino, it has been targeted to start operating on 13th Feb.

Tenants and staff of RWS are known to be gearing up for the big opening end of this week.

RWS has previously opened four of its hotels and 10 restaurants and lounges on 20th Jan, with other attractions to be opened in phases. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has planned to open in mid April this year.

[News] Resorts World At Sentosa Granted License To Operate Singapore First Casino

Resorts World At Sentosa Casino
Photo Taken From The Straits Times Article On 6th Feb 2010.

After lifting a 40-year ban on casino, the Singapore Government has finally granted the license to the city state’s very first casino. In a brief statement posted on the CRA (Casino Regulatory Authority) of Singapore website, it has issued a casino license to Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Ltd on Saturday, 6th Feb 2010. The approval has been delayed after the Authority asked RWS for more information about the casino in December last year.

The officials have previously mentioned to open the casino as soon as they have been issued the license. However, there is no official news on the opening date so far. The Universal Studios theme park, on the other hand, has been planned to open by March this year.

In April 2005, the Singapore Government has eventually announced that it would have not only one, but two casinos in Singapore in a controversial u-turn from its long condemnation of gaming.

Resorts World at Sentosa is one of the two multi-billion dollars integrated resorts in Singapore to operate a casino, built by Malaysia’s Genting Bhd.